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City rebranding with centennial celebration

Amarillo, Texas - Amarillo will be celebrating the 100th year of it's charter in November. The celebration will kick off with a centennial gala at which a new logo, slogan and mission statement will be unveiled to the citizens of Amarillo.

But city officials are looking for resident's help in rebranding Amarillo. An online survey is available starting August 1st to get input on what best describes the city.

City Commissioner, Lilia Escajeda says this is a time to celebrate and look at what changes need to be made to Amarillo.

"It's time. I mean, we're not a sleepy little town anymore. It's time to be looking at how vibrant we are, how economically well off we are, and to really look at what Amarillo looks like now and what it will look like in the future. Nothing stays the same, and Amarillo shouldn't stay the same either," Escajeda says.

The survey is available August 1st through the 15th. More information and the survey can be found online at
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