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Water Wasters: Businesses caught not being water wise

As the Panhandle welcomes rain into the area over the next few days, the idea of wasting water remains an unwelcome one.

NewsChannel 10 had a number of water waster submissions from viewers the past few weeks and we contacted a number of those businesses Wednesday. After receiving a picture of a broken sprinkler at the Amarillo Midtown YMCA, we called to check it out.  A maintenance manager there said the problem has already been fixed.

Then, a NewsChannel 10 crew headed to the Walmart on Coulter in Amarillo to ask about a picture someone sent us of a water-filled parking lot. An official there informed us that last week, they had a pipe get backed up, causing it to overflow into the parking lot. Even the City of Amarillo was called out to help fix that problem, but it has all been repaired.

Finally, another picture was snapped of the sprinklers running around noon at the Winchester Apartments. Officials there said their sprinkler system is on a timer and all should be running during the middle of the night and off by seven in the morning. They also said they'd have maintenance personnel check it out.

If you have any more pictures of businesses wasting water, send them to us at waterwasters@newschannel10.com.


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