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June Bug larvae damaging lawns in the Panhandle

In the next few weeks you may notice your yard starting to turn brown. But, a lack of water isn't to blame.

June Bugs, and their hatching larvae, may be the culprit behind your dying grass. "Water, fertilizer, none of that is going to fix it because it's been severed," said Warren Reid, Owner of Coulter Gardens in Amarillo.

Over the next few weeks and into early August, the eggs, laid by the June Bugs in June, are going to start hatching. The larvae feed on the roots of grass, causing it to die. It's a problem that Reid says can get expensive. "There were some yards that would lose a third, or half the yard and when you lose half a yard, that's $2,000 worth of sod you have to do."

Recent rains are making Amarillo a hot spot for these bugs, which further adds to the issue. "Any grub flying over the Panhandle, the only green patch is going to be Amarillo. So I always say we are the island in the dry spot and that any bug flying over is going to land here," Reid said.

But he also said pre-treating your lawn now will help keep those insects from ruining your grass and coming back in the future.

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10

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