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Adults need immunization records current

Amarillo, Texas - As the new school year approaches, parents may need to be thinking about getting more than just their children vaccinated.

More than 90 percent of young children receive many of the recommended vaccines, but that number drops significantly when it comes to adults. That's because many do not know there is still a recommended vaccine schedule for adults from the Centers for Disease Control.

Physician Ellen Hampsten says adults simply forget there are still shots they themselves need to stay current on. Without them, it could be dangerous to others.

"Adults should be up to date on their vaccines just because they do transfer diseases to children if they're not properly vaccinated, and they themselves need that protection as well from common things we don't think about too much anymore," Hampsten says.

Adults are recommended to receive a tetanus and pertussis shot every 10 years, a yearly flu shot, and a shingles vaccine. Dr. Hampsten says if you don't remember the last time you've received a shot, yours are most likely not up to date.

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