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Sexually transmitted diseases on the rise and resistant to treatment

Amarillo, Texas - Local sexually transmitted disease rates have steadily increased over the last few years.

Preliminary numbers reported to the state show cases of gonorrhea and syphilis have tripled last year in Amarillo. Doctors tell us these numbers are alarming.

Local gynecologist, Dr. Brian Eades, says especially so since many STD's are now becoming resistant to treatments. Many cases of gonorrhea are emerging that are resistance to antibiotics. Eades adds HPV is also reaching nearly epidemic levels.

Potter County's numbers remain one of the highest in the state for STD's.

"I think people are getting better about seeking services for sexually transmitted infections. I also think that people are not being as careful as they should be. I think they are participating in risky sexual behavior, and I think they have multiple partners. When you combine all of those factors we see increasing rates," Matt Richardson, Amarillo's Department of Public Health Director says.

Doctors say they believe soon  people who have been exposed will be tracked until testing comes back clear.

They also add people know what kind of protection is needed to prevent the spread of STD's, it is just a matter of actually implementing them.
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