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One man dead after plane crashes in Amarillo neighborhood

Amarillo, TX - Residents remain shaken after a plane crash in a southeast Amarillo neighborhood kills one man and leaves another simply grateful to be alive.

At about 8:45 this morning (Jul. 25), a small passenger plane struck someone's house on south Mirror Street before crashing in the front yard.

Ismael Garcia, the man who lives in the home that was struck, recounted his experience for us.

"I hear a loud bang, get thrown pretty much out of my shower," says Garcia.  "I'm thinking tornado - first thing in my brain because it was kind of cloudy this morning ... I get up, get dressed as fast as possible, open my front door and there's a plane in my front yard. I see the pilot of the plane, but he's in the back seat, curled up, not moving ... I run up, trying to render what little aid I could; you know, 'Sir, are you okay? Sir, wake up.' No response, no response."

The Department of Public Safety tells us the pilot, 53 year-old Ben Harned of Tyler, Texas, was dead on scene, and neighbors tell me planes fly overhead constantly, as Tradewind Airport is only a mile or two away.

"It could have been our trailer that had been hit," says Elia Garcia, who lives a few houses down the street.  "We had the grandkids with us, asleep ... I don't know if I even want to live here any more after this plane crash."

The DPS, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the incident.

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