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Recent rain helps crops but has little impact on Lake Meredith

Just a few inches; It's all the rain some areas saw last week but farmers are saying it came just at the right time.

"It gave those crops some relief as far as heat stress and drought stress so it replenished a lot of growth and a lot of development at a real critical time," said J. D. Ragland, the Randall County Extension Agent for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension.

Many farmers say just a little more rain will help produce a promising harvest this year. Recent rain may have provided some short term relief for crops like corn. But, the story is a little bit different at Lake Meredith.

Water levels continue to drop to record lows despite the rain.

"Maybe about a week ago we had it come up about 7/8 of an inch," said Kent Satterwhite, who monitors water levels with the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority. "So that's better than what we are used to seeing, but not what we need. Its still dropping and I think we are down to a new record already after that" he added.

Currently, Lake Meredith is just 26 feet deep. Experts say rain is being soaked up by the dry ground which is contributing to record low levels.      

Until the next substantial rainfall, Farmers and Lake Officials will be crossing their fingers in hopes of some much needed relief.
Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10.


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