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Perryton's Texas Farm pork production

Perryton, TX - The wheat crop in Perryton certainly isn't the only industry helping drive the local economy. Perryton is also home to "Texas Farm" the state's largest pork production operation.

The Japanese based company came to Perryton about 17 years ago, and now not only raises and breeds several hundred thousand hogs, but markets about 800,000 of those each year, to both domestic and foreign businesses.

On top of that, Texas Farm also employees about 300 people, making it the largest employer in town with a majority of it's workforce already understanding the importance of the industry.

The pork production operation is high security, so weren't able to get inside and get video of the animals but officials with Texas Farm say all of the hogs are treated extremely well.

They're housed indoors, in air conditioned controlled environments and are fed and watered regularly throughout each day.


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