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More trash could boost local economy

Tons of trash are being dumped into Amarillo's landfill, but city officials say it could be a source of income.

Every truck has to pay $29 a ton to dump trash into the city's landfill, and officials say each truck is bringing a few tons on average. The city says the amount of trash they're seeing after the recent hail storm is unusual. 

Amarillo Landfill Supervisor Roy Beeson says, "Out here in the landfill, our construction material has more than doubled in the last week and a half, two weeks... It's mainly shingles right now. And it's probably going to be shingles for a while now."

Beeson says they're seeing about 250 trucks a day instead of the normal 125. He says,"That's on top of our normal trash that we get from the transfer station and other commercial vehicles."

90% of the trash right now is roofing material. Some is coming from local companies, but a lot of it is from out of town companies. 
The city says this helps boost the economy as well because these out of town workers are staying at local hotels and eating in Amarillo restaurants.

Beeson says, "I expect this to last at least 60-90 more days. It may be even longer than that. We're going to ask people when they're coming out, expect delays, be patient. We're bringing extra personnel in to help out with the situation."

But we do not have to worry about Amarillo's landfill running out of space. He says, "We've got plenty of room. we're doing fine for room."

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10. 


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