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Carson County Well Field expansion

Amarillo, TX - Almost one million dollars is going toward an ongoing expansion project to help maximize our area's limited water supply.

In their July 23rd meeting, Amarillo city commissioners approved $942,548 to drill two new wells in Carson County and evaluate future projects there.  The new wells won't increase our supply, but rather, distribute the depletion across a wider area.

"What we're doing with these two wells that are being added in the northeast part of our Carson County rights is to try to maintain - stabilize - the current amount of capacity that we get out of the area," says Director of Utilities Emmett Autrey.  "In order to maintain the same amount of capacity, we need to spread the well field out, instead of trying to concentrate in one area and just pump more and more, we want to spread that out over a wider area."

The city maintains 117 wells in three counties, including 41 wells in Carson County, where they hold water rights for about twenty thousand acres.  The Carson County Well Field was built in the fifties, and since then, the city has continually expanded it to keep up with population growth.

"Every year or two, we seek to add at least one more well in that area. And what we're doing is we're just trying to keep pace with the decline rate, and keep that capacity up as we have that decline taking place."

The new wells are expected to be up and running in about six months.

If you'd like to learn more about Amarillo's water supply, quality, and operations, follow the links attached to this story.

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