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Police say Amarillo teen was not held against will

Lubbock, Texas -  New developments are discovered in the alleged kidnapping of an Amarillo teenager in Lubbock.

A 15 year-old Amarillo girl was discovered Friday evening after calling police from a Lubbock McDonald's reporting she had just escaped from a home she was being held in. But, new information is emerging today that tells a different story.

Lubbock police say the girl told them she ran away from Amarillo two months ago. She was brought to Lubbock by a man and had been kept in a home against her will and sexually assaulted multiple times. She had reportedly escaped from a window in the home and called police from a near-by McDonald's. 

Saturday morning the Lubbock SWAT team searched the home and questioned three men. After further investigation Lubbock PD says they no longer believe she was kidnapped.

"As more evidence comes out, and more people are interviewed, and just everything is collected we'll know more about maybe additional charges aside from sexual assault, but at this time it does not look like we're going to have any kidnapping. The evidence doesn't point to her being forced against her will to come to Lubbock, or to remain in the home for the past six weeks or anything like that," Sgt. Jason Lewis, Lubbock Police Department says.

Sgt. Lewis says since she is a minor, sexual assault charges are still forthcoming as evidence is gathered. 

"It doesn't look like there are any other victims, I think she is our only victim. She has been returned back to Amarillo to her parents," Lewis says.

Police say it is possible she could have been involved in some sort of prostitution.

Lubbock Juvenile Detectives are still currently investigating this case, and no arrest have been made at this time.


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