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Food prices expected to increase


You may have to spend more money next time you shop for produce at the local 
farmer's market this season.

Because of the hard winter freezes this year and increased production costs, the President of the Golden Spread Farmer's Market in Amarillo says you may soon see some food prices increase.

Ronnie Kimbrell says they're experiencing a shortage of some fruits and vegetables like black-eyed peas and squash. These are some of the items that may cost you a little more. 

Kimbrell also says they've had about a 15% increase in production costs because they had to replant some crops due the harsh winter weather we had earlier this year. And those freezes have also affected the number of farmers taking part in this year's market.

But, there is some good news. The recent cooler weather and rain has helped out. Kimbrell says, "Your crops require less water when it's cooler. And the extra rain, that's been a big benefit. And will continue to be because most of it has been slow soaking rain."

This year, there'll be cucumbers, watermelon, tomatoes, sweet corn and  zucchini at the market. Later in the season, they're planning to add carrots and winter squash.
Kimbrell says they had to grow some crops a couple weeks later this year because of the winter freeze.

The Grand Opening of the Golden Spread Farmer's Market is Saturday morning at 7 between 15th and Pecos in the Sunset Center parking lot.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10. 


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