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Fritch water woes continue, residents fed up

FRITCH - The water woes continue for residents just outside of Fritch city proper and many residents are so fed up, they're willing to front the cost for a permanent fix.

"You don't realize how much you rely on water until you don't have it anymore," one resident said.

Dozens of residents in the communities surrounding Fritch have learned that the hard way. For two days, they've been without water as crews attempt to fix a well.

"The pump and motor were both bad," Fritch Utilities Director Cody Benge said. "But we've got a new pump, new motor, and a whole new set up."

It's not the first time the well has had issues. Residents were without water for over four days memorial weekend.

"Last time, there was a blown wire. They spliced it back together and put it back in the well, I don't know if that had anything to do with it this time," Benge said.

The affected residents are fed up with boil water notices and with being told to be patient while they have no water.

"The first two times or three times, I was fine and I tried to be patient, but it just seems like this is happening constantly," said Sage Mesa resident Stacy McFall.

McFall says there have been more water issues than ever since Fritch bought the water rights to the area in 2010.

"I wish they'd fix the well for good and quit putting a Band-Aid on it," she said.

Kalen Massingill is so frustrated, she's taken things into her own hands.

"I have called TCEQ in Austin and made a complaint and they are investigating it," Massingill said.

The city says they are working on a permanent solution, a plan to connect the broken well to the Fritch lines so the two water systems can back each other up when something goes wrong.

But when Massingill called the city about their plans for a fix, she got the same answers NewsChannel 10 did.

NEWSCHANNEL 10: Do you have any timeline on this?
BURGE: I do not.

NEWSCHANNEL 10: Any idea how expensive?
BURGE: I have no idea.

Sage Mesa residents and other surrounding neighbors hope they get answers soon, especially if the state gets involved.

"Open up to the citizens of Fritch and let us know what's going on," Massingill said, "because I'm sure willing to open my pocketbook if we know what we're doing."

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