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Skellytown resident fed up with sewage stench

SKELLYTOWN- Rodger Daniells does his part to keep his home and backyard looking nice, but says the smell is not in his control.

"I have to clean out the sewage and put it outside the fence," he said. "Otherwise, it'll come in here in my yard."

Daniells moved to Skellytown four years ago and says sewage has always been an issue, but for the past 16 days it's been worse than ever.

If his sewer line is not pumped at night, the mess bubbles up into his yard, and even into his bathroom.

A city crew worked on the main sewer line near Daniell's home this afternoon, flooding his yard once again with sewage.

"But why did it take them 16 days when mine didn't drain at all," Daniells said.

The utilities department consists of just three people who refused to speak with NewsChannel 10 about the issue on camera.

As for Daniells, he just wants to be able to let his dogs and grandchildren play in the backyard without the fear of contamination.

"And besides all that, the smell on hot days gets pretty bad," he said.

Daniells said it took the threat of a lawsuit at Tuesday's city council meeting to get crews to work on the problem, but he'd prefer a permanent fix and phone call.

"An apology," he said. "For telling me it was my fault all this time."

The city utilities director told NewsChannel 10 the sewer doesn't have any major problems, but when asked to speak with him on camera about the issue, he simply rode away on his tractor.

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