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Despite summer rain water usage relatively high

Amarillo, Texas - Rainfall and lower temperatures brought Amarillo's water consumption down Monday.

Last summer Amarillo set an all time high of water usage with one day reaching 92 million gallons. Although Monday was below the city's target consumption goal of 68 million gallons with 55 million used, just last week Amarillo hit it's peak this summer of 84.5 million gallons.

Director of Utilities for The City of Amarillo, Emmett Autrey, says even though this summer has been cooler, that hasn't changed our usage much. Hot days still bring usage well over ideal consumption.

"It's been pretty close to average whenever you look at it from the whole month. I think we were just slightly very close to the June average for the month of June this year. It's a ho-hum year and I'm okay with that," Autrey says.

Autrey says our water is a finite resource. Even when we do receive rain, we still need to take conservation measures.

The city also reminds residents to turn off sprinklers during rainy days like recently to help in those efforts.

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