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Water Waster Wednesday: Amarillo still above water usage goal

Although we're just about on track for average rainfall for this year, residents and businesses in the City of Amarillo are still using too much water.

"Our target is 68 million and for the last two days we've gone up to close to 79 million gallons per day," said Emmett Autrey, the Director of Utilities for the City of Amarillo.

That's why a team with NewsChannel 10 went on the hunt Wednesday, to track down local businesses who were caught wasting. One viewer sent us pictures of a broken sprinkler head at Saint Andrews School. This broken head had gone unnoticed until we spoke with them Wednesday. Management at the school said they would shut off their sprinkler system for the night and have that broken head repaired first thing in the morning.

Another viewer snapped a few pictures taken out at Amberwood Park showing misdirected sprinklers, watering the pavement. We emailed those photos to them this afternoon, and in a matter of minutes... They located the problem and had a work order in to have them fixed.

NewsChannel 10 also got a call about Autonation Chevrolet Wednesday. A viewer was upset that their sprinklers running during the heat of the day and excess water was running down the sidewalk and street. We called to check it out and they were quick to explain their sprinklers were only on temporarily as they had maintenance crews out working on their system today. In fact, they even shut off the sprinklers while our team was there.

Because it's not just broken sprinklers that are the problem when it comes to wasting water.

"A lot more water is being wasted in my opinion by watering too long and watering in windy, hot, daytime conditions," added Autrey.

If you see any area businesses wasting water, snap a picture of it and send it to us at waterwasters@newschannel10.com.

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