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Helping STAAR retesters costing districts money

Amarillo, Texas - Many area students began retaking the STAAR exam today.

More than 2,500 Amarillo ISD students will need to retake one or more portions of the STAAR exam starting this week. School districts are required to provide some form of remedial help to those who did not pass.

"We had 70 students enrolled in summer school. Those 70 students were directly related to retaking the STAAR test," April McDaniel, Canyon Independent School District Coordinator of District COmmunications says.

CISD offered summer school classes during the month of June for test retakers. Nearly 50 percent of students did not pass the English I writing exam. Students take classes tailored to which exam they failed.

"It lasts for about a couple of weeks and they review the material over the subject that they need to study," McDaniel says.

Amarillo students were also offered a similar summer school program that focused on areas the district scored low on.

"We gave them just a remediation of the areas in which we scored the lowest in. So those students who had an opportunity to come to summer academy , we gave them that remediation," Stan Chatman, AISD Tascosa Cluster Executive Director says.

But this help doesn't come cheap for districts.

"We use quite a bit, thousands of dollars," Chatman says.

Money is not given to districts for retesters from the state. Districts tell us they use other portions of their budgets to fund STAAR exam remedial classes.

"That money that we have to allocate as a district that we've either used state compensatory funds for our regular kids during the year. We set aside some of those funds to help support and give those kids the extra help they need," Chatman says.

CISD had budgeted $50,000 for their program. Bushland ISD's superintendent says they pay teachers $50 an hour who teach their STAAR remedial courses.


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