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Emergency responders see increase in calls during July holiday

Hundreds of calls were made to local safety responders during Thursday's fourth of July celebrations.

Terry Bavousett, the Assistant Manager of The Emergency Communications Center in Amarillo says the fourth of July is always busy. "We had about 920 calls for the 24 hour period"

The overwhelming amount of calls means responders have to prioritize the situations with the most need. "The life safety, health, property safety, those things get a higher priority than some of the no suspect or no threat to anyone calls," said Bavousett.

Once the calls are taken at the Emergency Communications Center, they are dispatched to the proper authorities, like the Amarillo Police Department.

They tell us, other than firework violations, fights, curfew and traffic violations were also called in.

"On an average day we handle about 366 police calls for service of aid," said Corporal Jerry Neufeld with the Amarillo Police Department. "We had 450 just firework calls between the fourth and early the fifth. So you throw that on to a regular day of work and you can understand why our guys were so busy," he added.

Police say they expect to stay busy, cracking down on fourth of July violations through the end of the weekend.

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10


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