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Amarillo drivers line up for $2.80 gas prices

The national average for the price of gas hasn't been below three dollars a gallon in about two and a half years. But it dropped well below that on Thursday at one business in Amarillo. Good news that was enough to send Amarillo drivers into a gas frenzy.

Service at the Fox Fast Stop at Ross Street and Tenth Street may usually be, well, fast. But not near as fast as the spread of good news when it hits by word of mouth.

"A friend of mine called and told me about it," said one driver waiting in line to fill up his tank.

"Through a co-worker, she text me and says hey gas is $2.80 on Tenth and Ross, go!" said Emerlinda Jackson, another driver waiting in the long line of traffic Thursday afternoon.

Jackson along with dozens of others lined Tenth Street for hours, just waiting to get their hands on those prized pumps.

"Gas is $2.80 a gallon," said Kae Ramero, a manager for Fox Fast Stop.

Ramero said Thursday's "Customer Celebration" is their way of saying thanks.

"It's our July 4th Customer Celebration," said Ramero. "We're not trying to start any gas ways or anything. We just appreciate our customers coming in every day. We have daily customers, four times a day sometimes they're in here."

But after reaping the benefits, it was the customers who couldn't say thank you enough.

"It's nice that they're thinking of people every once in a while," said one driver. "It's been six years, maybe seven since I've seen this so it's nice."

"It's worth it to me to be out here waiting for it," added Jackson.

A simple gesture that sent everyone away with more gas in their tank, and a little extra patience in their pocket.

Fox Fast Stop offered the lowered gas prices from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Thursday evening. It was the first year Fast Stop has celebrated their customers in this way and besides a few drivers trying to cut in line, everyone cooperated and left in good spirits.

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