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Water Wasters: What's being wasted at night

Many times it goes unrealized in the dead of the night, but viewers in our area have still managed to capture pictures of a number of local businesses wasting water.

Sometimes the reason those watering mishaps are allowed to continue is simply because the business owner isn't aware it's happening. As a NewsChannel 10 team found out today, most are thankful for the information and eager to get the problem fixed.

Watering at night is Conservation 101. But that's also why the CVS location at Coulter and Hillside missed seeing a broken sprinkler on their property. They had no idea they'd been wasting until we spoke with them Wednesday. A manager assured us they would report the problem to their company as soon as possible. Across town, another accidental break might've remained unnoticed, had a viewer not snapped a photo of a broken sprinkler at the BSA hospital.

"Recently, there was a car that jumped the curb at the BSA Women's Health Center, it took out a drainage pipe, it took our a tree," said Mary Barlow, spokeswoman for BSA. "And unbeknownst to us, it also broke the sprinkler head."

Just a few days ago, that broken head was shooting water sky high but now it's been turned off, a maintenance crew has been called to fix it, and it won't run again until it's been repaired.

It was a similar story for Willow Glen Apartments. A viewer caught pictures of two broken sprinklers of their property. A manager there confirmed those two broken heads, plus a third not caught on camera, had already been noticed and replaced. Keeping a common theme for this Water Waster Wednesday: Unsatisfactory sprinklers deserve rapid repairs.

"Water is very important here," explained Barlow. "So when there is a broken sprinkler head, we call immediately and have that repaired."

If you've seen a business wasting water, take a picture of it and send it to us at waterwasters@newschannel10.com.

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