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Local restaurants discuss impact of Federal Healthcare

Congressman Mac Thornberry spent time in Amarillo with local restaurant owners on Wednesday, discussing the healthcare overhaul and it's potential impact.

Many local restaurant owners said they feel it will be too expensive to provide health insurance for all employees which could potentially create other issues.

"The shadow of Obamacare is causing restaurants among other businesses to not expand, not hire new people, some may be reducing employees to try and stay below that threshold. So it is clearly slowing down economic growth," said Thornberry.

Even with the recent announcement that the act will be delayed for a year, Thornberry told us, people are still concerned about the long term impact in the restaurant industry. "People are really worried about what it's going to mean and their worried if it's going to be a year from now versus now. That one year delay doesn't change it."

On a local level, once the federal healthcare plan is established, some restaurants will be forced to compensate. Because the Affordable Care Act may make paying those health care costs too expensive, some restaurants may have to increase their menu prices.

Colleen Nelson, NewsChannel 10 

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