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Texas spends less but has better highways

Amarillo, Texas - A recent report indicates Texas roadways as a whole are improving.

Texas has reached it's highest ranking for highway performance and efficiency in the latest Annual Highway report by the Reason Foundation.

Texas highways are ranked 11th overall in the nation. With more than 80,000 miles of road-top in the lone star state, it's the second largest highway system.

"When you look at the states that are ranked ahead of Texas, they are much smaller systems, have much less complicated challenges and issues to face," John Barton, Deputy Executive Director of TxDOT says.

Rankings are based on data that is reported to the federal government such as pavement condition, traffic fatalities, and total spending per mile of state roads. Texas spends nearly 20 percent less on it's roads than the national average.

"We're able to keep our costs low here in Texas because we intentionally go out and design every solution specifically for those areas, and we identified methods by which we can deploy them so that they are more cost efficient. So we use locally available materials. We use state of the art technology and materials, and we do it in a way that contractors can cost competitively do it efficiently," Barton says.

But, we asked drivers passing through Texas if they think our roadways should be ranked number eleven.

"I live in California. Over there speed is 55 and you can't drive as good and highways are alright. But Texas is the number one state and I really like it," Sarbgit Singh, California trucker says.

"Overall because you have so many roads, I'd say they're overall pretty good. But there are some bad places on the roads," David Knapp, Missouri trucker says.

But, whose roads are better than ours?

"It's easier to pick out the one's that are worst. I'd say Arkansas is one of the worst, and then Oklahoma's got some pretty bad ones. It's really hard to say which one's the best," Knapp says.

Neighbors Kansas and New Mexico are ranked 2nd and 4th while Oklahoma roads are listed as 38th.


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