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Abortion battle rages on in Austin

AUSTIN -- The abortion bill battle raged on in Austin Tuesday night as a House committee started hearing testimony from thousands of Texans at 3 p.m.

The House State Affairs Committee hearing was set to end at midnight Tuesday, but passionate protesters on either side don't plan to back down any time soon.

Supporters of the abortion bill wore blue, and those against the bill wore orange.

Both colors of the abortion issue will likely be standing in Austin until the bill is passed, or avoided once again.

"It's important enough for us to stand out here, even if we have to stay down here for weeks," said one pro-choice protester.

As of 10:30 Tuesday night the House State Affairs committee was still hearing testimony from both sides, and over 2,000 people were still on the list to speak.

Panhandle Representative John Smithee is one of the representatives to sit in on the committee hearing, which was the third of its kind since the start of the regular session.

Medical experts, women and men, for each side of the issue stated their arguments. And though no end is in sigh, lawmakers from both sides remain confident in their agendas.

"If there's an attempt at another filibuster, I will immediately rise to call the question. We have had twelve hours of talk, it is now time to pass the bill," State Senator Houston Dan Patrick, (R) Houston, said.

"I won't concede that we won't be able to defeat this bill, even in this session. Maybe we'll lose this time, but we're going to go down fighting," State Senator Wendy Davis, (D) Fort Worth, said.

While the battle over abortion raged on in house committee, two separate senate committees passed two less controversial bills this morning one that revise sentencing guidelines for under-age murders, and another that will give TxDOT more funding.

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