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Amarillo weighs in on abortion debate in Texas Senate

Starting Monday, the Texas Capitol will again be the center of an ideological battle over abortion when lawmakers return to work at 10 a.m. Monday, July 1. 

Hundreds of abortion rights activists ensured that the first special legislative session descended into chaos. Now, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has convened a second one and urged abortion opponents to respond with mobilizations of their own. The bell the clerk rings in the house for members to register their attendance could be reminiscent of a boxing match - announcing round two of a larger political slugfest. The legislature's republican majority has vowed to pass wide-ranging abortion restrictions. Opponents plan more protests. Perry has urged lawmakers to work faster this time. He wants abortion bills approved long before the deadline so a filibuster won't work.

The topic has sparked controversy and debate among political leaders and Texas residents across the state.  NewsChannel 10 also asked its viewers to join in on the conversation. Here is some of the Facebook feedback NewsChannel 10 received Sunday.

Sue said, "The best thing that could happen anywhere. Texas does not need clinics that legally takes the lives of innocent, helpless children. This is a shame and a disgrace. People go to prison for the same offense as this if the child is alive. NO DIFFERENCE!"

Cheryl commented, "Adoption is always a choice. There are plenty of families out there wanting children that can't have them and girls/women just don't want to deal with any of it and just murder a baby. A human life!!"

But, not everyone agreed.

Gina posted, "Dumb....every woman has a right."

Pat said, "Once again, the party that purports to believe in LESS government regulation is forcing MORE government regulation on us."

NewsChannel 10 will continue to follow this story as the Senate is expected to vote on the bill for the second time sometime during the upcoming special session.

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