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Local drug bust part of largest takedown in world

The world's largest synthetic drug bust has been revealed this week and the Drug Enforcement Administration says they even seized synthetics from a local shop.

The Drug Enforcement Administration says they seized an undetermined amount of spice from "Rags 2 Riches" in Amarillo on Wednesday. They say charges could cause the smoke shop to shut down forever.

The administration says it's part of their largest ever global synthetic drug takedown they just announced this week involving dozens of cities around the world. More than 200 arrests were made and around 400 search warrants were served.

The DEA also announced this week more than $50 million in cash and assets were seized in Project Synergy which began December of last year. And investigations uncovered the massive flow of proceeds are going to terrorists in the Middle East.

17 year-old Jon Payne of Amarillo was glad to hear about the bust. He is a recovering K2 addict and wants to help keep others from falling victim of synthetics. Payne says he now has a life expectancy of 25. He says, "Go across and tell other kids you know like what can actually happens. The real part of it. Not just what the social part of other kids. You know, the whole fun part. Because it's fun at first, but it'll kill you in the end."

Payne wants to help raise awareness now by taking part in Impact Futures' first teen support meeting this Monday at 5 p.m. in the Chase tower basement in Downtown Amarillo.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.

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