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Plant odor complaints in Hereford

Some residents are questioning how safe the air in their area is because of odors from a facility just outside their homes. 

Some area residents like Rhonda Sanders say they can not tolerate the smell coming from Nutri-Feeds in Hereford. She lives and works close to the plant and has filed complaints with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.
Sanders says, "Reminds me of leaving a dirty diaper in a hot car. That's what it smelled like yesterday... The air is literally nauseating. When we have company, they will tell us 'Sorry but we can't stay here'. It makes them sick to their stomach. So it grates on you bad. And I think it's not only emotionally, but physically, health-wise. It's not good."

She says she does not believe the air is safe because the rendering facility could have dead animals with diseases. Sanders says she made the first complaint in 2005. In 2008, they did a notice of violation so the facility could be updated and get a proper air permit.

Sanders says, "It's uncalled for. There's a facility right down the road that there's absolutely no odors. This is an old plant that has just not spent the money that it needs to spend to get in compliance. Or maybe they're in compliance, but it's not working."

This resident says the smells went away during the entire summer last year, but they're back again. Sanders says, "We got a letter in March saying everything's checked off. They're good to go. It wasn't a week or 10 days until here we go again. It's the same old thing."

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality says Nutri-Feeds' permit is current and does not need to be renewed until 2017. They say inspections of the facility are done in response to complaints and to document compliance with water regulations.

The commission says they last visited the facility a few weeks ago on June 12, and the investigation related to that complaint is on-going.     

The director of the plant says quote "We're doing everything we're supposed to do, and Nutri-Feeds is in total compliance with state requirements."

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10. 


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