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Many upset after local business closes

An Amarillo parent is upset and speaking out after he paid for a membership to a business that three days later closed down, and he's demanding answers.

Many parents like David Hammons are upset because they had just signed up their children for classes at Elite MMA near 45th and Bell. Hammons says he paid more than $50 Friday and his daughter only got to take one class. 

He says, "I'm a little frustrated, aggravated. I mean, nobody was even here to tell the parents. Parents were standing up here for hours trying to figure out what was going on Tuesday night. When we got here, there was a class before my daughter's. There were parents still standing here from that class that had been here and had no idea or nobody here to say ‘Hey this is what happened.' "
He says other people were still paying money to register for lessons on Monday, just hours before they shut down. Hammons says, "I've tried the phone number that's on the door. And like I said, didn't get anything from that. So I tried messaging him on Facebook... And he sent me a message on Facebook saying that this was a sudden decision. It looks to me that it was an overnight decision."
The person in charge refused to go on-camera, but told me they've been struggling to pay their $11,500 monthly rent for the past two years.
He says they tried working things out with the leasing company, relocating to a smaller place, but had to make a quick decision Monday night and closed. Hammons says, "I'm going to dispute the charges with the bank because I feel services weren't rendered."

MMA says emails were sent out to all their customers letting them know they've closed. The person in charge says no one will be refunded, but starting today customers will not be billed.

Extreme Martial Arts is stepping in and honoring those who have paid to train at Elite MMA. For more information call: (806) 220-3529.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10. 


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