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Texas ranked third in lightning damage claims

Texas is ranked third in the nation for the most insurance claims filed due to lightning damage. In 2012, over 17 million dollars was paid in insurance claims because of lightning damage to property across Texas.

"Lightning is extremely dangerous because when you think about it, it is just a single bolt and the temperature inside of it is thousands and thousands of degrees," said Christine Krause, a Meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Amarillo.

Merritt Vaughn, a State Farm Agent in Amarillo says lighting strikes homes in our area more often than not.

"We pay out of my office 5 or 6 [claims] a year. We're one of many insurance agencies in Amarillo, so it's a real risk that people need to be aware of," Vaughn said.

When lighting does hit property, Vaughn says there are common things that are destroyed. "We do see fires. We've seen here locally, I've seen wells, a lot of well that have been struck. We pay those claims. But, in most cases, it just causes such a surge in the home it literally destroys most of the electronics," he said.

To help protect those electronics in your home, Vaughn suggests buying surge protectors.

Colleen Nelson, NewsChannel Ten.

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