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Local boy rides bike for the first time thanks to organization

Amarillo, Texas - Riding a bike is something people take for granted. But many in the area aren't physically able to do so.

Seven year-old Kanon Conant, who was diagnosed with autism when he was three, has never ridden a bike with his little brother. But that all has changed thanks to the Amarillo Palo Duro Chapter of the American Business Club.

Kanon received a specially made bike today that is built differently to allow him to pedal. The bikes, called amtrykes, can be made for both children and adults. AMBUCS vice president says they want to help those with mobile disabilities feel like they fit in better. This is one step closer for Kanon.

"The main thing is so that he can kind of naturally fit in with his peers. Actually his little two year-old brother has kind of been making leaps and bounds passing him of riding a bike until now, and this will allow him to kind of even the playing field where he'd be normal," Randal Conant, Kanon's father says.

Conant says they are deeply thankful for what AMBUCS has done for his son and others in the community. Kanon tell us he is excited for his new bike.

AMBUCS gives away 12 amtrykes a year along with scholarships for physical, occupational and speech therapy students.

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