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Supporting parents of synthetic addicts


More and more area parents are becoming concerned their children may become addicted to synthetics, and they're asking for help. 

Impact Futures Project Director LaVisa Matthews says an area resident said, "Our friend was killed the other day after smoking some synthetics. He got on a motorcycle and drove. And it made him just, you know, just wrap his motorcycle around a tree."  

Impact Futures says many parents are calling them asking for help. Matthews says, "Where do we take our kids? What do we do? They're so addicted to this synthetic stuff that it's scary. We have found them basically comatose."

The local coalition decided it was time to create a support group for parents. Matthews says, "We're going to have parents who can share their story. And we've got the resources. So we will fill them in with what the next steps are."

Impact Futures also wants to train parents on how to help others. Matthews says, "We want them to know what the red flags are to watch for. Because they are our community. So when their neighbor walks over and says, 'Man, I heard that your son went to rehab. I'm so sorry. Can you help me? My kid is doing this'. They're going to have the tools."  

The first meeting will be July 1st at the Chase tower basement in Amarillo at 6:00p.m.  The meetings will take place the first and third Mondays of every month. 

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.


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