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Reducing irrigation has tremendous impact

Amarillo, TX - It's no surprise that when rain comes, people generally use less water for landscaping.  but it may surprise you just how much of our water is used - and wasted - through irrigation.

Irrigation accounts for about sixty percent of total water use in Amarillo - a fact illustrated in the changing of the seasons.

"In the wintertime, we use about 30 million gallons per day," says Emmett Autrey, the City of Amarillo's Director of Utilities, "and here in the summertime we've been using 60-plus, and so the difference there is outside watering."

Even in the summer months, one single rain event can cut our total consumption substantially.  For example, one week ago (Jun. 13), when we hadn't seen much rain, Amarillo used more than 70 million gallons in one day.

On Tuesday, we used less than 40 million - about a thirty percent drop.

"Now we're getting water from the sky," says Autrey, "a lot of people are turning their sprinkler systems off in order to conserve water, because we're getting natural rainfall - and we're getting up to 30 million gallons a day less than we were."

What all this means is that cutting down on watering is the single most effective action you can take to reduce your own use.  The city recommends limiting watering to two days a week to have the greatest possible impact.

You can learn more about our city water supply and what you can do to help preserve it at the links attached to this story.

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