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Discussions on the fate of Gruver's police department move forward

Gruver, Texas - Discussion on disbanding the City of Gruver's police department is moving forward. It's caused quite a stir in the town of just less than 1,200 people.

The mayor and city commissioners are discussing trading in their police department to contract with the Hansford County Sheriff's Department.

Last night's meeting brought more than 200 people looking for answers on the fate of the city's police department.

Mayor Buster Davis says they are looking for ways to save the city money especially with several pressing financial needs, like a new water tower and trash truck. But, many residents have been questioning those financial needs. One man pointed out the purchasing of a new trash truck was already voted on and approved at the December 12th commission meeting.

We asked city manager Steve McKay what the city's finances currently look like.     

"Well, we're actually in, to me, pretty good shape. We're coming off the best audit that we've ever had and we've got a sizeable amount of money in the general funds. My general opinion, no. I think we need to keep them. I think they're a valued asset to the town," McKay says.

In 2002, the city of Stinnett also tried to contract law enforcement through their county's sheriff's department. The sheriff's department said at the time it was not feasible.

Commissioners are still considering cutting the police department as well as other options.

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