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Flood's impact on crops

This week's rain and floods will greatly benefit summer crops like corn, cotton, sorghum and soybean.

Texas AgriLife agents say it's a start to help improve farming conditions, which in turn could save you money when your shopping for groceries.

Gray County Agent Brandon McGinty says, "It's a good start, it's a great positive. We haven't seen a rain event like this for several years. This amount of rain. So it's a good start, it just needs to keep coming. "

Overall, area agents say the substantial rain will benefit crops and help farmers save water and money. McGinty says, "Some producers could reduce the amount of irrigation on crops, dry land crops that were getting pretty dry. So it's going to help keep them going and give them a kick start if they're just emerging, such as maybe our sorghum crop. Cotton and corn is relatively in good shape."

But with all the rain there could be one headache farmers have to endure. Agents say they will be having some weed problems in their fields.

McGinty says, "They'll be doing some weed controls. spraying some of those weed areas. But other than that, they're happy they're grinning. They've really enjoyed it. It kind of also gives these guys a little bit of a break in their job. They usually don't get a day off unless it rains. And so they actually get a day off. "

Crops under water can also be more susceptible to diseases. Another negative effect...

McGinty says, "If there's a low spot in a field, where it's going to stand some water over several days where it's pulling. It could stunt the growth of those plants. And if it stands long enough, it could eventually kill. But for the most part those are going to be very, very limited, very small areas."

Agents say the couple of inches of rain area farms have received so far will most likely be absorbed. If the trend continues is when problems may arise.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10. 

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