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Crime rate for juveniles on the rise

Amarillo, TX - Our area is seeing a rise in crime committed by juveniles.

Since school's out, many kids are filling their time by hanging out at the park or roaming the streets.

The problem is when they fall into peer pressure to commit crime. 

The Amarillo Police Department tells us crime in our area has gone up 16 percent since the first of this year.

A portion of that is committed by juveniles, and right now it's on the rise.

The curfew for juveniles is at midnight but many stay out well past that hour.

APD says they are seeing a lot of fighting happening at parks, as well as theft at area stores and from vehicles.

"Even though a juvenile commits lets say an aggravated assault, it's going to effect them for the rest of their life. Also, it's not a charge that they're going to take lightly even though they're a juvenile. Juveniles can also be charged with these offenses from the crimes that they commit," says Adam Gutierrez, Amarillo Police Department. 

Officers say they are experiencing a heavy call volume.

When they aren't out responding to those calls, they are out patrolling to deter crime from occurring.

To help with the problem, parents are recommended to verify where their child is going to be.

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