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AISD and City of Amarillo discuss viewer photos of water wasting

Julian & Georgia St. Julian & Georgia St.

Even though parts of Amarillo have received a couple inches of rain over the last two weeks, water is still not a resource to be wasted.

For most, a luscious lawn is an important part of owning a beautiful business and that's going to require watering. But a broken sprinkler head, like one caught in a viewer photo of Forest Hills Elementary School in Amarillo, is more wasteful than useful. When NewsChannel 10 contacted AISD officials about the break, they were on it in a matter of minutes.

"We sent a crew out to try and identify it and based on the information you gave us, we located what we think is the problem and got it resolved," said Weslee Green with AISD Maintenance.

Someone else caught a wasting faux pas in a picture Friday night during the rain. It was located at the intersection of Julian and Georgia, a piece of land owned by the City of Amarillo. NewsChannel 10 couldn't catch an official on camera, but they did tell us the City's policy is to turn off their sprinkler systems if we expect more than a half inch of rain before 9:00 p.m. So that sprinkler did get shut off, just not before the picture was snapped.  Plus, the City is still working on installing rain freeze gauges on all of their systems in town.

Because AISD and the City both own and manage a lot of property, when it comes to broken sprinklers or just over-watering, catching every problem on their own, is hard to do. That's why both entities always encourage help from the public.

"We have thousands of heads across the district, all shapes and sizes and there's repairs every day being done to sprinkler heads," said Green. "It's just a matter of us finding them, locating them, people let us know and we're more than happy to get out and get it repaired."

If you have a picture of a local business wasting water, send it to NewsChannel 10 at

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