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Amarillo approves million dollar grant for AIG expansion

AMARILLO - New jobs are on the way to Amarillo, but they come with a price. City commissioners approved a million dollar grant to bring a new AIG division to town.

The expansion will bring 120 new jobs to Amarillo. That includes professional and management positions as well as customer service jobs.

The majority of those jobs will be at the AIG facility on Osage Street.

Right now the company employs 1,100 people in Amarillo. That's after expanding operations here 8 times in the past 11 years.

That dedication to our area is why Brian Jennings with the Amarillo Economic Development Corp says the million dollar grant used to bring these latest jobs here is a worthy investment.

"They invest way more than we do. This is just our opportunity to partner with them," Jennings said.

The million dollar grant from the AEDC will be used for new equipment and software for the facility, as well as training new employees. That money, and any other money granted by the AEDC, comes from sales tax revenue within the city limits.

The 120 positions coming with this expansion are positions being moved here from California. But Jennings says Governor Perry had nothing to do it.

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