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Pampa children rewarded for wearing bike helmets

Pampa, Texas - Ten thousand children between the ages of five and 15 were injured in bicycle accidents in 2011 according to data from The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Bicycle helmets reduce the risk for head injuries by 85 percent. The Pampa Police Department has started an awareness program to encourage kids to be safer while out riding.

Zoe and Aubrie are two Pampa kids who practice safety while riding their bikes. This summer if a Pampa police officer spots them, or any other kids wearing a helmet while riding, they'll receive a card for a free slushie from Pak-A-Sak.

"We want to encourage our kids to wear their helmets. Safety reasons to protect their head from injuries and things like that," Stormy McCullar, Pampa Crime Prevention Officer says.

But not all kids wear their helmets like Zoe and Aubrie.

"Well I mean I never really thought about wearing it before," Kade Parker says.

"This whole entire summer so far I've seen one or two kids actually wearing a helmet versus many kids riding their bicycles without the helmet. So yes, I think it definitely is an issue," McCullar says.

Parents tell us they are glad this program has started.

"I think it's a good deal. These two they just have little bikes, they don't ride out in the street or anything. If they see other kids riding wearing their helmets, maybe they'll start wearing theirs," Doug Fulton, a Pampa parent says.

Kids say a cool treat in the summer is a good exchange for wearing a helmet.

"I think I'd be more encouraged to wear a helmet if I got a slushie," Parker says.

Officers will be rewarding kids wearing helmets through July. Any child who does not have a helmet can get one for free from the Pampa Police Department.

You can contact Stormy McCullar at (806) 669-5700 for more information on free helmets and the awareness program.

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