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Texas has most firearms reported lost or stolen

Texas - An effort to reduce gun violence across the country reveals Texas may need the most help.

Texas had over 18,000 firearms reported as lost or stolen in 2012.

That's 10 percent of all firearms reported lost or stolen in the country.

ATF officials say that poses a severe threat to public safety for many reasons.

One being that these firearms often fall into the hands of those intending to commit violent crimes.

These firearms are also often sold and traded on the black market which makes them harder to be tracked.

This report was compiled as a request by President Obama in an effort to reduce gun violence.

Federal Firearm Licensees are required to report a lost or stolen firearm within 48-hours.

It is then entered into a national database.

The only pieces of information that are recorded are the original manufacturer, the licensed dealer and the original purchaser.

That allows weapons to be tracked all around the country after purchase.

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