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Gov. Perry vetoes several education bills

Amarillo, TX - Public education in Texas is in need of major change, according to some state lawmakers - but some of those changes have been shot down in Austin.

Reforming public education is never easy, and Governor Perry has vetoed three key proposals concerning testing, school security, and higher education.

One measure would have established a free training program for faculty members who volunteer to carry a concealed weapon.  Perry ultimately rejected it, citing the estimated $10 million cost.

Senator Kel Seliger authored a second bill that would revamp the power structure of university regents and create training requirements for new regents before they would be allowed to vote.  Perry rejected that bill as well, saying it would dilute regents' authority over their own schools.

"I am very disappointed by Governor Perry's decision to veto SB 15, a bill that not only puts into statute best practices, but also adds much-needed transparency to higher education governance, said Sen. Seliger in a statement, "The decision to veto SB 15 ensures that the conflicts, controversies, and lack of transparency will continue."

And a proposal to eliminate STAAR testing for seventh and eighth graders to save money was also vetoed, on grounds that doing away with the test would be premature, since this is only the second year Texas schools have had STAAR tests.

If you'd like to delve into any or all of those proposals for yourself, you'll find their analyses and the arguments for and against them at the links attached to this story.

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