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Amarillo supports Boston bombing victims in 'One Run for Boston'

It's been about eight weeks since the Boston Marathon bombings but people across the U.S., including right here in Amarillo, certainly haven't forgotten.

Sunday, "One Run For Boston", a relay across to U.S., from Los Angeles to Boston, in honor of the Boston bombing victims made its pass through Amarillo. Runners from all over came to town to participate on the three week and three day relay. An idea that began with three people in the UK that wanted to support the Boston bombing victims by raising money and awareness through this relay.

"Connecting people within the one country all across America is a real show of strength and determination and it proves that something positive can come out of something that was so totally negative," said Race Director, Kate Treleaven. "This is America standing up for itself and doing something great to support those who are less fortunate."

Each runner takes on a leg that may vary in length from nine to 24 miles. Shannon Puphal of Fort Worth was one of the relay runners striding through an Amarillo section of the race on Sunday, starting at Cadillac Ranch and finishing on the Amarillo Blvd.

"I had a lot of friends that ran the Boston marathon this year, some where able to finish and some weren't able to finish," said Puphal. "So, I think having this opportunity to go out and run and raise money for the One Fund Boston was just really important and it's a great cause."

About 1,000 runners will take part in the cross-country relay and so far, they've raised about $55,000 to support the victims of the bombings.

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