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Jehovah's Witness convention draws thousands to Amarillo

It was a popular weekend for Amarillo. Between the 12,000 people in town for the Color RunTM Saturday, and another 4,000 for a convention all weekend, no doubt, Amarillo's economy reaped the benefits.

This weekend was the Jehovah's Witnesses District Convention. Some 4,300 people piled into the Civic Center Sunday for the spiritual message supported by all 46 of the areas congregations. It's an annual event for Amarillo and between the economic boost it provides to the community and the hospitable conditions the city offers to the convention, attendees expect it be hosted here for years to come.

"Amarillo's always been very hospitable, the city and the chamber and everyone worked very well, they've appreciated us," said Bob Rogers, a convention attendee. "They make it very easy for us and as a result that being the case, it's convenient for everyone. Cooperation of the city and all makes it very nice, we enjoy that so we've been able to continue that association and enjoy it here."

The convention will continue on weekends for the next three weeks in Amarillo.


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