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High number of red light camera violators in Texas

Amarillo, Texas - Texas could be among the worst in the country for red light camera violations.

Although Amarillo recently passed a hands free cell phone ordinance, the state has yet to follow in those footsteps.

Efforts during this year's legislative session to enact a statewide texting while driving ban went nowhere; but the activity is prohibited for school bus drivers and younger motorists.

A new report by the National Coalition for Safer Roads argues that loosely written distracted driving laws are a contributing factor to more red light violations.

Last year alone, there were an estimated 600,000 violations in Texas.

That amounts to about one violation per every 25 drivers.

This suggests that our state has the second highest rate of intersection violations per licensed driver.

Close to a million dollars has been generated every year from people running red lights.

It's split evenly between Amarillo and the state.

That money is used to construct intersections, improve crosswalks and revamp red lights.

Amarillo City Commissioners say intersections where cameras have been placed have shown about 40 thousand fewer violations since they were first installed.

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