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Homeless look for break from heat

Triple digit temperatures have people staying inside. But, when your on the streets, you are often left to your own devices. The Salvation Army in downtown Amarillo is just one local community center offering help for the homeless in our area.

"The shelter is open 365 [days a year]. We serve two meals a day, breakfast and dinner and we provide them with a variety of other needs," said Harvey Johnson, the Salvation Army Corps Officer.

He told us the center has already seen an increase in those stopping by looking for help. To accommodate, the facility has opened it's doors and allows those in need to stop by for a drink or to cool off.

"We want folks to not be out in the elements and be subject to things that are physically unsafe for them," Johnson said.

In the next few weeks, a truck full of water bottles will be dropped off at the facility. Despite this, the summer is typically when there is a decrease in donations.

"Sometimes with vacations and school out, people forget or they get sidetracked with remembering regular donations," Johnson said. He told us donations are critical this time of year. "Donations go way down in the summer, and we're highly dependent upon the local donations," he added.

If you would like to help, we're told money is the best thing to donate.

Colleen Nelson, NewsChannel 10.

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