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Canyon police declare Subway robbery a 'fake'

A reported robbery that locked down the West Texas A&M University campus in Canyon for several hours on Wednesday has been declared a "fake" by local law enforcement.

Once word hit the campus, it didn't take long for the false story to spread.

"I just found out about 20 minutes ago that a robbery happened at Subway," said senior student at WTAMU, Cedric Nguimatsa.

"He went to the back of Subway, opened the door, hit somebody with the gun and left," said sophomore Adrienne Galvan.

But after interviewing the so-called witnesses of yesterday's robbery, Canyon police found their stories to be more fiction than fact.

"During the course of those interviews, it was discovered the three, possibly four, Subway employees had fabricated this story," explained Chief Dale Davis for the Canyon Police Department.

All in an effort, police believed, to cover their own internal theft from Subway over the past month. There was no robbery, leaving college students both shocked and annoyed.

"I saw some people on Facebook complaining about having to stay on campus," said Jilinn Youree, WTAMU senior student.

"That's ridiculous really," added Galvan.

Local law enforcement shared the frustration after exhausting time and money searching for a non-existent suspect.

"So, this small lie by these crooks cost the community, cost the taxpayers of Randall County an extreme amount," added Chief Davis.

Several people NewsChannel 10 spoke with found this fabricated story a bit extreme, but officials say it does happen. In fact, one was reported at an Allsups in Canyon 12 years ago. Police said that suspect went as far as leaving a trail of money out the door to make his story more believable.

Even though the robbery on Wednesday may have been fake, possible charges are very real.

"There could be false report to a police officer, there could be theft charges filed on them," said Chief Davis. "There could be conspiracy charge filed against them."

On top of that, according to Randall County District Attorney James Farren, charges of false report often spawn additional, more serious charges.

"Certainly there could be felonies that could come out a false report depending on what impact

Three suspects have been arrested and booked into the Randall County Detention Center in connection with the false report of the robbery, one 26-year-old female and two 19-year-old males. They're identities have not yet been released.

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