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Mayor proposes to disband Gruver police

Gruver, Texas - An area town may no longer have a police department. NewsChannel 10 was in Gruver investigating a proposal to disband the city's police.

The mayor of Gruver has proposed a discussion in the next city council meeting to disband the city's police department. Law enforcement services for the city would be contracted through the Hansford County Sheriff's Office.

We reached out to Mayor Buster Davis while in Gruver, but we're told he was unavailable to speak with us. The city manager and other officials also would not comment.

Chief Pyne Gregory says there hasn't been a reason to disband the police to his knowledge.

"I haven't been told the reasoning for this. I am aware of other cities in the state of Texas that have had to contract to their county sheriff's office, and generally speaking it is usually financial issues. But in this case, I don't believe it is a financial issue. The finances of the city appear to be fine," Chief Gregory says.

Chief Gregory says having local police is important. Response times would be shorter than if a Hansford County Deputy had to respond to Gruver.

A petition is circulating for Gruver residents to sign urging city commissioners not to disband the police department.

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