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Natural gas line shut off in Perryton impacts residents

Fourteen homes in Perryton have had their gas shut off for over a week. The homes rely on natural gas provided by West Texas Gas and DCP Midstream. But recently, a letter was issued by West Texas Gas saying the natural gas has been determined unsafe for residential use.

There is no set date as to when the gas line will be restored, but the letter states West Texas Gas and DCP will help residents find an alternative fuel source. 

For some, converting to electric or propane is an option. But we spoke with one woman, who told us as a farmer, it would be too expensive to convert everything.

"They started saying once the pipeline was empty they weren't going to put in anymore natural gas," she said. "So we would lose the natural gas supply to our six pivots where we have three circles of corn and three circles of wheat growing."
The woman asked to remain anonymous, but tells us it would cost over $150,000 to covert everything to propane or electric.

"It has a huge economic impact on us and in the midst of the drought that is not good feasible business practice to go into that kind of debt to convert."

She says she has been looking for answers and wants to know why they are being expected to pay for everything themselves. 

We reached out to West Texas Gas who say they are working to provide gas for the rest of the growing season, so those who rely on it for farming won't be as badly impacted. When DCP got back to us, they said they are working with West Texas gas to help find alternate fuel sources, but they did not provide us with further details.
Colleen Nelson, NewsChannel 10.
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