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Comparing last week's storm to 2004

2004 hail damage 2004 hail damage
2004 hail damage 2004 hail damage
2013 hail damage 2013 hail damage
2013 hail damage 2013 hail damage
2013 hail damage 2013 hail damage

AMARILLO - As clean-up continues after hail damaged thousands of homes and cars in Amarillo last week, many say it feels like deja-vu.

There are differing opinions on which hail storm was worse, last week's or the June 22, 2004 storm. If you lived in Amarillo in 2004, the damage is hard to forget. A severe storm pounded BSA Hospital, several car lots, and homes with up to softball sized hail.
From a meteorological stand-point, the National Weather Service says last week's hail storm doesn't compare to the one in 2004.

"It was significant, but it wasn't as significant as 2004," NWS Meteorologist Krissy Scotten said.

The Insurance Council of Texas is predicting insured losses from last week to reach $400 million. But the NWS believes it could have been much worse.

"Remember back in 2004, the western side of Amarillo wasn't as built up as it is today," Scotten said. "If we could have got that softball size hail, I mean hundreds of millions more in a damage, easy."

But last week's storm hitting many more residential areas than 2004 isn't the only reason for dramatic costs of damage.

"The price increase in materials from 2004 to now is probably doubled, if not more," Jay Hedrick with Hartman Roofing said.

Hedrick has worked for Hartman Roofing since 1998 and says, as far as damage goes, last week's storm is the worst he's ever seen in Amarillo.

"We're probably fielding anywhere from 75 to 100 calls a day for us to come out and take a look at the damage. That's pretty significant compared to any other storm activity that we've ever worked in Amarillo," Hedrick said.

Despite all those calls, the real work of permanent repair doesn't start until Tuesday because most clients still have not received the go-ahead from their insurance.

Although insurance adjusters and contractors are booked solid for the coming weeks, experts still say it's best to call them now if you have yet to file your claim.

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