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Alcohol sales on Sundays possible in Pampa

Pampa, Texas - A proposed ordinance will bring Sunday alcohol sales to one panhandle town. Pampa city officials say allowing Sunday sales will benefit the community.

Ordinance 1596 passed unanimously by Pampa City commissioners and mayor during it's first reading. The proposed ordinance would allow alcoholic beverage sales on Sundays, too.

A petition to allow mixed beverages to be sold in restaurants overwhelming was approved by Pampa residents recently. Now a proposed ordinance would allow sales on Sundays.

"This will allow restaurants to begin serving mixed drinks or alcoholic beverages after 10 am, and will allow the convenience stores to start selling after 12 pm and of course all day on Sundays," Donny Hooper, City of Pampa Director of Public Works says.

But it's not just about more alcohol being sold in Pampa. Hooper says Pampa will get something in return.

"That's tax dollars that we haven't seen before that we're going to start to see now. Any revenue that we have coming in allows us to do more things here in our community from a city standpoint," Hooper says.

Many businesses in Pampa are also looking forward to the changes. The owner of Dixie Cafe is now adding a bar area to his future remodeling plans. Other restaurants say they hope the drink additions will bring in more revenue.

The final reading and vote of the ordinance will take place next week on June 11th.

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