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High Plains Food Bank garden needs help after hail storm

Amarillo, Texas - The High Plains Food Bank is in need of the communities help.

The High Plains Food Bank helps many families all across the panhandle. But the damaging hail this week has wiped out their garden and they need your help in repairing it.

The garden is used to supply produce to their Kids Cafe program along with being used as an educational tool.

Ninety-five percent of their crops are destroyed and has impacted the food bank's ability to help community programs. They now are asking for your help to repair the garden.

"Just replanting soil we've already amended it and had plants there. The plants just disappeared so, just basically taking plants out of pots from the green house or from who ever is donating them, and then just putting them in the ground. That's what we need the most help with, is just lots of hands doing it so it goes quickly," Justin Young, Nutrition Education Director for The High Plain Food Bank says.

Not only are volunteers needed working in the garden to help replace it, but also grown plants that can be added this late in the season.

Work days where volunteers are needed will be on June 5th and 8th from 9 am to 12 pm. If you have any questions about donating or volunteering you can reach the food bank at (806) 374-8562.

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