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Many residents facing car damages after storm

Hundreds of people all over Amarillo are now having to deal with broken car windows and damage from large hail after the storm.

Local insurance agencies and auto body shops say people all over Amarillo are reporting hail damaged cars and broken windows. Alice Brooks Insurance Agency in Amarillo says they've had many people calling to file claims so it could take about a week for a claim to be processed.

Amarillo's Insurance Agency says most companies are working on setting up booths across the city to help process claims faster. They say damages range from $3,500 to total losses.

Arenas Auto Repair and Service in Amarillo says they've seen shattered glass and golf-ball size dents. Owner Luis Arenas says, "A lot of hail damage. More than I've ever seen actually. I've got 8 vehicles on the lot that are just damaged up pretty good. This one particularly is a customer's car, and he came in this morning to check on his damage. And yup it's got some pretty substantial hail damage to it." Arenas says it could take months for all cars to be repaired.

California Auto Sales says more than 20 of their cars, including some already sold, have hail dents or broken windows. They say having to repair all the cars is going to affect their business.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.

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